Welcome friends, new & old.

My name is Ty McAllister, & I am the lead singer of the band, McAllister.

The purpose of this blog is to let you see beyond my lyrics. To let you into my life personally, into the lives of my bandmates, & into the life of our band, McAllister.

Since this is the first post in this blog, I want to include a couple of background-type things:

  • a little excerpt on me
  • a bit of background on the band
  • a touch of what makes us who we are


I (Ty) grew up in Belton, Texas, USA. I have two parents, three siblings, one little brother, a little sister, & an older sister. I'm a dog kind of guy & I'm SEVERELY allergic to cats (sorry). I grew up cycling through a ridiculous amount of hobbies: disc golf, tennis, fishing, hiking, skateboarding, running, baseball, football, biking, nintendo 64 (I think that counts), etc.

I began playing drums at the age of 6, piano around the same time, & 6 years later, guitar. I played drums in several bands along the way, & still consider myself most skilled behind the drums. I've always sang, just not in front of people.  I hated my voice for some time, but I decided to start singing in front of people anyways (a miracle).

Around age 19, I began playing shows under my name, "Ty McAllister". I recorded a 3-song EP, on which I produced & played every instrument. The months that I spent working on that EP were some of the loneliest in my life. Completely indulging myself in music, yet completely forsaking everyone in my life.

I needed people around me to create with. I needed inspiration. I needed balance in my life.


I needed help performing these songs live, so I asked my friend from high school, Kelsey Barker, to start playing keys/sing with me. Steven Baker literally fell into my lap as a friend & as a drummer at college. He & I connected through music in a way that I cherish deeply. We played some shows as a trio, before finding Seth McClure on electric guitar (also memelord).

Before the band formed, while still performing as a "solo" artist, we cycled through several bass players. We brought in Jordan Green on bass for a live video that we were shooting, & his personality quickly endeared himself to us, as well as his musical fervor. It was the perfect fit. I still think back fondly on the moment when we had the privilege of inviting Jordan into the band.


Around this time (December 2014), I pitched the idea of becoming a band to the rest of the guys. They enthusiastically encouraged the idea. I pitched the idea of just ditching my first name, & we all agreed on it.

MCALLISTER, a five-piece ambient pop/rock band, born in the city of Dallas, TX, USA.

The band is a dream for me. I would have never put together a team that is as personally satisfying as this in my wildest imagination, & I have a great imagination. Each member is so uniquely gifted. Each member is influenced by such varying artists, life circumstances, personalities, & passions.

In our three years as a band, we have seen SO much life together. Three of the five of us (not me yet) have gotten married in that time. We've walked with each other through heartbreak, tears, frustration, anger, intense-growth, depression, anxiety, pain, love, excitement. We've seen so much of each others' lives.

I will gladly to continue on in this for as long as I am allowed. I hope for us to meet SO many more of you & to experience so much more with you.



with love,

Ty McAllister